If you like ghosts and ghoulies, you going to love this place! Welcome to yankeeghosts.com where the spirit world meets the world wide web and provides a nice collection of stories, articles and tales of terror!

Inside you're going to find some pretty interesting articles and pages covering a pretty wide swathe of spiritual, ghostly, scary and sometimes funny topics all to do with what we understand and see as "ghostly". That doesn't mean it's all spooky stuff. As a matter of fact, I'm putting up lots of related pages that deal with different aspects of a spiritual lifestyle which will include some tangent subjects.

These will deal with merchandising in areas of interest to spirituality, the paranormal, quantum physics and also related public festive events related to them, such as Halloween (which is of course a hugely popular festival) and other lesser known but equally important calendar events. If you are interested in New Age, Gothic or Wiccan topics as well as all the horror stories that have developed from them by a media with an overactive imagination, then there is going to be a place for all of that too.

I just want to make this a slightly off the beaten track kind of place where interested people can find stuff that isn't just media hyped sales junk, but really meaningful stuff that is worth taking a little time to read and enjoy!