No matter how spooky your Halloween party is, the festive night of magic, spells, and fright will never be complete without a frightful yet fun set of Halloween party games. Try classics and new ones and you're sure to have the best of the spook and the fun on the one night when ghosts and spirits are the main guests in town.

One example of a classic Halloween game is 'bobbing for apples' which has been said to date back during the Roman harvest festivals dedicated for the Goddess Pamona. The only materials needed for this are a large tub filled with water and some fresh apples without stems. The main goal of this game is for the players to successfully grab an apple just by using their mouths.

This is actually a lot harder than it looks because they have to catch the fruits while they bob around the water.

Games and Fun Stuff

Other fun All Hallows Eve party style games are 'make a mummy' and 'make a Halloween scene'. The make a mummy game is actually a variation of the classic bridal shower entertainment 'toilet paper bride' and was only changed to fit for kids' entertainment for the festivities.

The participants are usually divided into groups with four members each, one being the mummy and the remaining as the ones doing the wrapping. The group who wraps their mummy the fastest or in the best 'mummy way' wins the game.

The goal of the make a spooky scene, on the other hand, is for the participating groups to create the scariest overall scene using props that will be provided to them.

This, however, is a party fit to be played on adult gatherings and usually don't work for kids. You just need to choose a spacious area for the building of the scenes and provide props like old clothes, mannequins, Halloween make-up, fake blood and body parts and skeletons.

Good Witch

Another interesting activity among all the good Halloween party games is 'are you a good witch?' which really fits the theme of the evening not only because of its name but because its goal involves the use of ESP. The materials needed for this game is a witch's plastic cauldron and a witch's pointy hat which the assigned "witch" will wear.

A number will also be needed. These bats should have colored spots painted beneath them like orange and white. The players will choose a rubber bat from the cauldron and the witch will approach each one trying to guess the color of the spot underneath the toys.

The players holding the bats have to "communicate psychically" to the witch about the color they hold like mentally chanting, "Orange, orange, orange." Each player has their turn to be witch and the one who has the most correct answers wins the game.

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