How to Make Cheap Costumes for Halloween

Are you looking for an inexpensive but a guaranteed hair-raising Halloween costume idea? Then you have come to the right place. If you are looking for something that will scare the wits out of people then posing as a werewolf will do the trick.

Looking as a werewolf is easy and cheap. This is very effective especially if you are sporting a long hair. The things that you need for this costume are as follows:

  1. A couple of black eyeliners;
  2. Red eye shadow;
  3. Fake fangs
  4. Brush;
  5. Black or red lipstick.
  6. Blower;
  7. Black clothing or tattered clothes

Before putting on the makeup, it is best if you take a shower first. Make your hair stand up on its strands by using the blower. Brush it to make it appear as if you were on a rollercoaster ride or running in full speed on a convertible with the top down.

Next is to make the following outlines on your face by using the black eyeliner:

  1. Hastily make downward lines from the side of your nose just below your cheeks going to the neck. Make sure that it has the fading effect as if making a check mark in reverse.
  2. Make a V mark just like Dracula's on your forehead.
  3. Make an outline for a goatie and a little moustache.
  4. Once you made all the necessary outlines, darken it by using the black eyeliner. It should be done in a way as if making streaks of hairs. This may appear silly at first but be patient. Soon as you filled these outlines, it will look like dog's hair even on close examination.

The eyes are an important part of the trick. Use the eyeliner to broaden your eyebrows. Shape it as if you are looking angry. Apply the eyed shadow on your eyelids. Accentuate your eyes by underlining it with black eyeliners.

In order to for you not to appear like a walking monkey, putting on a black nose using the black eyeliner will do the trick. And finally, a werewolf would not be complete without its fangs. Put on your black clothes or tattered clothes and then you're set and ready to go!

If you wish to go for something elegant yet appear to be a force to reckon with, then going vampire will do the trick. Use the black lipstick, put on a goulish foundation, accentuate your facial features and putting on some medieval wardrobe with cape will surely make you like Lestat from that movie, Interview with the Vampire.

And hey! Do not forget to put on your fangs.