Make Your Halloween the Spookiest Ever

Are you looking for creative ways to make the season of ghosts and ghouls as interesting as possible? Who said Halloween should be strictly limited to costumes and trick or treats?

If you want to spin a good spooky party, then you'll need a good set of Halloween party ideas to make your bash's festivity the talk of your town and the rest of Spooky Ville. Give your majestic vampire laugh for these hair-rising party ideas that can make you the best host of the magical night of Halloween.

Popular Themes

Jack-o-lanterns are probably the most popular staples of this season. This doesn't mean, however, that you have to limit the colors of your festive decorations to orange, black, and white.

You can add that extra spooky spice to your scare night by using variations of this favorite decoration like using green pumpkins. Instead of using pumpkins, use your jack-o-lantern carving skills on green peppers instead. You can create a whole bunch of them and put them on rows on your walk or porch and voila!

You now have a bunch of dwarf goblins greeting trick-or-treaters and your nocturnal party visitors. You can also use green or red bell peppers if you want to add more color spill into your ghastly creations. Other great Halloween party ideas are monster footprints and ghosties.

You can put monster footprints on your sidewalk as guide for your spooky visitors to your dark lair by drawing a footprint in a big sponge and cutting it out. Pour some washable paint in an aluminum pan and drip the sponge in it before using it to create murky foot patterns in your desired place.

Home Made Ghosts

Moreover, you can make ghosties by crumpling pieces of tissue paper in a ball and placing it in the center of another piece of tissue paper. Gather the corners of the flat tissue and twist it to cover the ball inside it.

Just tie a string to make the neck of your ghost and draw a chilling face in the small head before hanging them all around your house. Another good set of decorations that will surely make your house look like the lair of all dark creatures are icky cobwebs.

Simply cut 4 foot length strings and tape them securely in the ceiling in cobweb patterns. Brush some water on them just before the start of your party to make visitors passing through them feel chills as strands of slimy cobwebs brush on their foreheads. There are great varieties of Halloween party ideas that you can do to make your spook night as bloodcurdling and chilling as possible.

Just be creative and try new ideas for that one mystic night when creatures of the dark come together to celebrate.