Turn Your Yard Spooky

Your Halloween inspired theme will never be complete without a scary Halloween yard decoration. This will help welcome wary passers by or excited spook fanatics.

You might need basic materials like hard-shell gourds, floral sticks, grapevines, ornamental gourds, cornstalks, old clothing, stakes, and burlaps. However, this list is not exhaustive because the materials you will use in your creation will still be up to your creativity.

If you have children who wants to have the spookiest lawn in your neighborhood then it'll be necessary for you to shop for more supplies to add that extra sparkle and fright in your fixture like a monster covered with blood or a tape-recorded laughing hag. Of course, no matter how good your design is it will never be effective when placed in the wrong area in your yard.

Following basic rules in landscaping can be applied to make sure that all your decorations will get their well-deserved chilly admirations.

Inflatable Horrors

A common Halloween outdoor decoration is the inflatable which comes in different catchy designs while another one are scarecrows with their entire rusty and hair-rising splendor. It is not wise, however, to overcrowd your yard with these decorations because doing so will just make your design messy and uncoordinated.

First, think of a spooky theme you'd want to focus on and decide on a central yard design that will be able to clearly display your theme in the easiest and fastest way. Then locate your main decoration into the central point of your outdoor space and just work on the sub-designs you'll put around it.

The rule is to make your focal design as gruesome or scary as possible while understating yet complementing the rest of the decorations around it. Traditional decorations of scarecrows are probably the most popularly used because of their rustic auras and their easy to do assemblage. Simply fill an old shirt with straw stuffing and tie them together at the waist.

If you're up to the traditional type, you can use the burlap or cloth bag to stuff for the head or even a simple jack-o-lantern for more variation. Tie the head into your scarecrow's shirt collar and finish the look with a straw hat.


Once you're finished, simply drive a stake into the ground and tie the scarecrow in it. For its surrounding design, you can use some jack-o-lanterns and group them by three in varying sizes to utilize color and design the most.

For your driveway entrance, you can make use of some cornstalks to frame it or hang some artificial garlic bunches or talismans. Your garden plants which have retired during the past months can also be good embellishments to spice up your Halloween yard decoration.

Chrysanthemums, for example, can add an instant spill of color to refrain your set-up from having that drab and boring look.