Who loves spooky stuff more than anything, especially stories, games and toys that all have that scare element to them? Kids of course and this section of the site is all about them and what they like.

This is a pretty diverse area to be getting into, so I've narrowed things down a fair bit to include a variety of interesting topics for and about children and what they like with respect to the scarier side of playing.

Scary Toys and Playthings

There are more toys than anyone could imagine under this umbrella, so instead of singling any one or two out, I'll look at the games they can create and feature in when little ones let their imaginations run riot. There are also other useful props that can be called into service when making believe in their bedrooms, like tents and forts and other structures that parents will doubtless be conscripted into helping out with.

Kids and Parties

When you're planning a kid's party for the little ones, there are plenty of different ideas you can employ to make the day go with a real bang. Getting the right kinds of kids party supplies is usually not too difficult but if you can source them all in one place, it make life a lot easier.

So where do you go to get hold of your own kids party supplies these days?

Well, there are plenty of places in the real world in the form of big department stores that almost always have a kids party supplies section. There you'll doubtless find a great selection of balloons, decorations, bunting, party themed clothes, things for kids to blow like whistles and those annoying cardboard toy horns designed all to give the adults a great headache!

What to Play With?

There'll be silly toys, furry toys, squeaky toys, balls, hoops, things for boys to hit other boys over the head with, party poppers and silly string and an array of pass the parcel prizes.

Or you could go online and check out some of the better online stores for your kids party supplies. You won't be disappointed with some of the big names who have an online presence as well as some smaller discount stores that are equally well known but charge you less for the same stuff.

One site that's worth checking out for its links to good discount online stores is this one right here, the clue is in the name here! Whatever you choose to do in order to source your stuff for the big day, make sure you get enough of everything as kids can scream the house down if they're left out of anything!

Articles that Might Interest Kids

If you take a look below you're going to be looking at a list of article titles on the things that children will like: