Indoor Play Tents and Forts for Kids

When you're stuck for a gift idea for a child that will allow them to play indoors when the weather is bad that they'll love, try a play tent or fort. These are superb for giving children a place to play indoors that will keep them engaged and entertained for hours!

If there was ever a gift you could think of for a child that would not only feed their imagination and provide them with endless hours of enjoyment, but be the kind of plaything they will use over and over again, it is this! Kids love playing in tents or play forts and the kind they can erect themselves and then enjoy using is irresistible to most kids.


Not only is a play fort or tent great fun, it's also education for a child. This kind of product teaches children basic engineering and construction and provides a means to test their cognitive problem solving skills that they are developing.

Of course, at first they'll need your help to show them what to do, but it wont be too long before they are getting on with it all by themselves. They'll be bound to surprise you at their ingenuity in the kinds of configurations they can come up with using a simple system of poles and connectors!


But the bottom line from a parent's perspective is the value in keeping children entertained for hours on end, which is good for them and for you! It gets them out from under your feet when you have other things to do around the house, so you all benefit! By fueling their imaginations, they can develop strong creative traits because this kind of plaything provides the framework for their minds to fill in the rest.

So a simple structure covered in a sheet becomes for boys a mighty fortress where they can defend their territory from the advances of the attacking enemies. or it can be a place of power to defend against fire breathing dragons and magical beasts lead by marching armies of warriors!

Or for girls it can become a cozy home to hold tea parties with their favorite plush toys and dolls as their guests. Or they can hold school classes and read books, color pages or teach their imaginary pupils their times tables!

However your kids decide to make use of their self built structures, you can bet they will get a lot from them in terms of both entertainment and basic education. So is this the perfect gift?

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